Friday, May 2, 2008

Swedish Bakery

5348 N Clark St, ChicagoChocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting
Price: $1.02
Weight: 2 1/4 oz (65g)
Value: $0.453/oz

Frosting Light and fluffy, slightly grainy and just a little greasy. Rating 9.0/10

Cake Moist, with a delicate chocolate flavor. Rating 9.0/10

Overall This cupcake is right up there with Sweet Honeybee. It’s a little smaller, but the taste and texture are near perfect. It’s also pretty good value at just over $1 – and that’s after Swedish had to raise prices on some of its goods. Just as we’ve been hearing about the dramatic rise in commodity prices around the world, prices of raw ingredients such as flour, eggs and shortening across the country have increased anywhere between 50-400% in the last year due to a number of factors including fuel costs, the weak dollar, drought and the resulting increased demand for US wheat exports. Perhaps other bakeries will have to begin raising prices, if they haven’t already. Even so, I have a feeling that Swedish Bakery and Sweet Honey Bee will still be worth the price – they’re that good. Overall rating 9.0/10

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Beck said...

I just had cupcakes from Sweet Occasions. Not bad, but I guess next time I'll hoof the next 4 blocks to Swedish Bakery! A buck!! Wow!

I think I would benefit from a link to your lexicon. Reading "greasy" in the description for icing is a negative with me (unless it's hot wings). If you described what you mean by that I think it would help in two ways: 1) well, we would know that greasy isn't necessarily a bad thing 2) It could help us all apprecite different textures.
I'm a big texture person.

Ok, gotta get me a cupcake. Thanks again!