Sunday, November 2, 2008

Announcing the Cupcake Race Art Contest!

Cupcake Race is sponsoring its first ever contest! The kids at Pilgrim Lutheran School in Chicago will be creating original art that represents some idea they have that involves cupcakes. It might be their concept of what the "perfect" cupcake would look like. Or maybe their interpretation of what a cupcake's worst nightmare would be. What would a family of cupcakes do for vacation? Whatever concept or idea regarding cupcakes they wish to convey. The basic guideline is that it has to be original and it has to cupcake-themed.

Cupcake Race will narrow the contestants down to the top five (5), and choose one (1) Grand Prize winner. The winner will receive a t-shirt and have his or her art featured on In addition, the winner's ENTIRE CLASS will receive cupcakes!

The remaining four (4) finalists will participate in an online poll, where readers get to vote for their favorite of the four. The winner of the on-line poll will also have their art featured on

Both the Grand Prize winner and the winner of the online favorite will get to write on about what inspired their idea and anything they want to share about their art, if they so desire.

The students will be submitting their entries by November 7th, and the entries will be posted online as soon thereafter as possible. Voting for the online poll will run for ten (10) days.

Finally, I want to thank my blogger friend Beck for collaborating and making this idea possible! Way to go Beck!!

Okay kids, go forth and cupcake!

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Beck said...

WOO HOO! Awesome post! I can't wait to see all the art!